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Convenient on-site concrete mixing

Concrete is an essential element of nearly all construction projects. Room additions, residential and commercial remodels and many repair jobs need quality concrete to be properly completed. But, it often requires only a small amount of concrete to get the job done. Traditional mixers have difficulty efficiently mixing small batches, and view them as an unprofitable nuisance. Our volumetric mixers are ideally suited for mixing these short loads.


By mixing on site, we can produce the correct amount of material needed which ulimently eliminates waste. Reduced waste means reduced cost, and we pass these savings on to you by charging you for the volume of material made.*

Our courteous, experienced driver/operaters will do what they can to help your job go as smoothly as possible. Often times, small pours need to be wheelbarrowed. Either they have poor access, or the risk of damaging existing property outweighs the benefit of backing a heavy truck close to the pour. This takes extra time and can be very messy. Traditional trucks have to be unloaded quickly or the material will hydrate inside. Because we mix as we go, we are able to control the mess, and have more flexibility in discharge time. This enables smaller crews to handle the load and less labor in clean up afterword. Irregular shapes also complicate estimating material needed. We typically have extra material on the truck so unexpected overages can be handled without dispatching another truck.


Our drivers also have undergone Department of Defense background checks and we readily service Southside military installations and shipyards.


*Billing is in quarter yard increments. A minimum of 80% of the volume ordered applies. Delivery and fuel surcharges apply, depending on order size.

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